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Welcome to my web site!

My name is Philip Lobley.  I've created this website to explain something of the history of the Lobley name and of the various families, from all over the world, that bear the name. I hope it will be of interest to all those with Lobley connections worldwide.

The links shown on the left of this page will provide you with information on the origins of the family name, a little bit about how I became interested in family history, and information (which may be downloaded in Gedcom format) about various Lobley families, including my own.   I have also provided some images relating to the Lobleys and some links to my favourite internet sites.

Keep an eye open for 'What's New'.   I will place any breaking genealogical news on that page. 

Finally, I would be pleased to hear from all those with Lobleys in their family trees.  Please email me with queries, corrections, clarifications, or just to say hello.  For those already in touch, please note my new email address.

Phil Lobley

This page was last updated on 20/03/2005