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I will use this page and the pages listed above to show some of the images I have uncovered relating to the Lobleys.    Below I will the latest finds.  For other paintings, see the Newsletters.

 The 'Buildings' page shows images of parish churches and other buildings with a Lobley connection, including 'Lobley Hall'. 

The 'Paintings' page shows many of the paintings I have been able to find by Lobley artists of the 19th Century.

This wonderful painting:  "Harvest Sunday" by James Lobley was brought to my attention by  new correspondent this year.  He found it for sale on e-Bay, where almost anything is bought and sold.   I haven't seen this painting before, but if you compare it to other paintings by James Lobley, it is clearly another in the series of paintings that he made of Stow Church, near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.  The  font is identical to one in a painting entitled 'The Dole, Stow Church'.   The bread on the top of the font would be for distribution to the poor of the parish.