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This page will give an idea of how those bearing the Lobley name expanded over the centuries, leaving their North Yorkshire origins firstly to move to other parts of Great Britain, then to other countries.

All the earliest references I have to the name are restricted to North Yorkshire, around Wensleydale, from the earliest reference I have in the year 1313 up until the 16th Century.

By the time parish registers started in the mid 16th Century, some Lobley families had moved away from North Yorkshire to other parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Lincolnshire.   A few families had even made it as far afield as London, Essex and Gloucestershire.   This pattern was repeated throughout the following centuries, with many families following work opportunities in  the cities of Bradford and Leeds in West Yorkshire during the industrial revolution.

In the 17th Century, the age of exploration took one Lobley to Jamaica, and the 18th Century saw one Lobley (probably a relative of mine) sentenced to be transported as a convict to the colonies in America.  However,  it was not until the 19th Century that Lobleys started to emigrate in any number.   Families were established, and prospered, in the USA, Canada and Australia.

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