Other Lobley Families


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When I first thought of developing a website, I thought of adding documents or web pages to show details of other Lobley families that I have researched over the years and to provide an opportunity, where appropriate, for readers to download Gedcoms containing Lobley family information that could be imported into family history software packages.  However, I will never knowingly release Gedcom data containing information on living people without obtaining their permission first.

The first in what I hope to be a series of documents is a paper entitled 'A Line of Lobleys in Lincolnshire' written by Brian Joe Lobley Berry, originally from Sedgley in Staffordshire, now firmly from the USA.  This 'Word' document has been zipped to reduce its size, but it is still a largish download at over 700k.  It is a most interesting and informative read, although I have not been able yet to verify all the Lobley details it contains.  Many thanks to Brian for starting off this series.