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I'll say more at some time about the importance of Census records to the family historian and what is now available.   However, to start off, I'd like to publish some key information that I have downloaded from the 1901 Census for England & Wales. 

England and Wales census details from 1841-1901 are available, on-line (but not for free) , via the National Archives website.  Scottish census records are available from www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk

In partnership with the National Archives, Ancestry.co.uk have made all of the Census information available on their own website - on a subscription basis.  Indices to the Scottish censuses are also available.

I have used the censuses to update and expand the detail I have on all of the Lobley families in my database.  As an example, the attached spreadsheet allows readers to view and manipulate the information for Lobleys in the 1901 Census.  The data is sorted by the numerical 'Piece' and 'Folio' numbers given to each sheet.

I have downloaded most of the actual images.  However, task of analysing the information and linking individuals to existing family trees will continue for some years to come.

If anyone would like a copy of any of the images I have downloaded, please contact me.

1901 Census Extract

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